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Remarks by Ceramist Mamo Tessema

Mr. and Mrs. Gobena

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you for give me the opportunity to say a few words on this occasion of opening the exquisite display of our beloved daughter, Sofia T. Gobena.

At the invitation of her father, I was fortunate to observe her creativity and talent in ceramics in her studio at the University of Wisconsin in 1996. She flawlessly demonstrated for us how to shape a pot from a lump of clay on a potter's wheel. Her action was like magic. She made us aware of her gift for fine arts, which astonished us.

On the other hand, her varied blown glass masterpieces on display here at this exhibition were not in existence at that time. Sofie's media of interest at the time were primarily in stoneware, porcelain, and celedon (glazed and unglazed), reduction, and oxidation firing techniques, achieving remarkable effects. Her brilliant color combination of azure, ox red, and turquoise are simply beyond artistic imagination.

Sofie's unique and articulated blown glass works are just exotic. The display clearly shows that she was a highly talented artist. 

Sofia was inspired by Peter Voulker and Daniel Rhodes. History will record her name among well known artists like H. Matisse, Henry Moore, and Pablo Picasso.

Sofie's parents have setup a foundation in her memory. The foundation will help needy students in ceramics as well as furnishing the School of Arts and Design of Addis Ababa University with ceramics-making equipment. Your kind contribution to the foundation is highly appreciated. Enjoy the exhibition!

Thank you for listening.

Mamo Tessema (Ceramist)

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